Tanasha and Diamond Were Destined to be Together – Kiss FM Presenters Kamene and Jalang’o Confess

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On Friday’s morning Kiss, Jalang’o  and Kamene claimed that Diamond and his baby Tanasha were destined to be together.

Speaking during their morning show, Jalang’o wished Diamond and his son Naseeb a happy birthday and a moment later, he recalled that Tanasha also shares a birthday with Diamond’s Mother.

“Today Diamond is sharing a birthday with his Son and Tanasha also shares a birthday with Diamond’s Mother. What a coincidence,” Said Jalas.

Putting all the facts together, the duo concluded that both Tanasha and Diamond should squash their beef and get back together.

“I know, Diamond utarudi tu hautapata dame mfiti kama Tanasha wetu by the way,” added Kamene.

Tanasha and Diamond only dated for less than a year before she got pregnant. According to their fans, the couple’s relationship, which only lasted a year, was rushed and seem disconnected. 

Once Tanasha delivered, she was forced to return to Kenya and Diamond also stopped providing for the son. 

Here's why Diamond and Tanasha Donna broke up

Asked why they split, Tanasha revealed that she left Diamond after six months of trying to make things work in their relationship for the sake of their son.

Zari Hassan, the mother to Diamond’s first two children had previously warned Tanasha of Diamond’s cycle of impregnating women and moving on, advising her to get ready to raise her child on her own.