Anytime I hand over my businesses in the hands of people, I end up in hospital – Akothee

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Kenyan singer Esther Akoth aka Akothee has said that each time she hands over her businesses to other people to run, she ends up in hospital.

The mother of five mentioned that her employees don’t understand why she always insists on having daily reports from her businesses, and its because she cannot handle too much pressure, at the same time.

Akothee said she likes to deal with things as they come and clear with them because she cannot keep up with procrastinations and blame games, because its endgame is usually a mess, which greatly affects her health.

Singer Akothee Singer Akothee

The self-declared President of Single Mothers added that if anyone thinks employment is difficult, they should try running a business with employees who work like they are doing you a favour, working for you.

“It's clear that anytime I hand over my businesses in the hands of people I end up in hospital , now this is my situation right now 🙏 my employees don't understand when I insist on daily reports , it's because I can't handle too much pressure at the same time, I have no urgent matters ,I deal with things as they come ,because I have to do them anyway 🙏 , I am a hands on person , I can't keep up with lies / procrastinations / blame games It's end results is total mess & reflects in my health . Once again. If you think employment is stressful try running an empire, with people who think they are doing you a favour by employing them,” said Akothee.

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